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A G.O.O.D Lifestyle (Get Out of Debt) (3 of 6)
Series: God's Financial Plan: Don't Leave Home without It
Jim Henry

I can't believe it; yesterday l I got a piece of mail for an application for a charge card. It offered 0% APR through my statement dated November, 2003, and after that 23.99%. The default APR went up to 28.99% and it read, 'see explanation below.'
Today we are talking about God's financial plan. This is certainly a time to talk about that, isn't it? It is always time to talk about it. Rick Majerus, who is the basketball coach at the University of Utah, said, "You know these are tough economic times. My hair line is in recession. My stomach is in inflation. My mind is in depression." A lot of people can identify with the coach about that. I picked up a couple of headlines that I thought you would be interested in.

From Fortune to Fiasco--Lotto Winner Deep in Debt.

Scott Cooney, once the luckiest of men with a $20 million Florida Lotto payout, has become a walking cautionary tale for jackpot winners. Two divorces, five houses, a dozen cars, motorcycles, and one failed auto dealership later, much of what remains of the fortune he won ten years ago will end up in the pockets of creditors. This week Cooney was in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee, negotiating a plan to pay off about $5 million in debt. He lives just north of Chattanooga and he has taken a part-time job to pay his bills. A plan to pay his debts will be submitted to a judge by the end of the month. He said, "It is sort of like an entertainment of sports bill when they suddenly find themselves in possession of millions of dollars. It takes a long time to learn to manage.

Debt Ridden Texas Truck Driver Apparently Dumped Missiles

A debt-ridden truck driver apparently dumped a shipment of four unarmed Air Force missiles in Texas after his company refused to give him a $500 advance according to FBI documents released ...

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