by Daniel Rodgers

God's Two Christmas Trees
Dan Rodgers
Genesis 2:8-9, I Peter 2:24

INTRODUCTION: It is said that Martin Luther, the early 16th century church reformer, is credited with the very first Christmas tree. The story tells of his wandering through a forest one evening and noting how the stars sparkled through the limbs of an evergreen making it appear as though the tree were bejeweled with light. So inspired by the sight, he cut down a small fir tree, took it home, and decked it with tiny candles so that he could share it with his children.

From Genesis, chapter 8, we find that God planted a tree in the Garden of Eden. This tree predates Luther's tree by about 6,000 years. I would like to refer to this tree as God's Christmas Tree because it brings with it a special gift for all mankind. Of course, it was not really a Christmas Tree in the sense of how we see a tree with lights and ornaments; but none-the-less; it holds a very special meaning for us as believers. God also had another tree. I call this tree a Christmas Tree because this tree also represents a gift to the world.

As we think of our message, "God's Two Christmas Trees," we will consider...

I. God's First Christmas Tree
II.God's Second Christmas Gift


A. It Was a Tree of Beauty

1. The Bible tells us that this tree was pleasant to the sight. Verse 9 says, And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden..." One can only imagine what this tree must have looked like. It truly must have been something to behold. As we look at God's handiwork today, and see how He designed each tree with such intricate beauty, think about the trees in the Garden of Eden.

ILLUS: One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited has been the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. If you get on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway, you can drive for miles and m ...

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