by John Barnett

Simeon: Living a Life of Hope
LUKE 2:22-35

God surrounded the Birth of His Son with some of the most instructive passages in the Bible. The story of Christmas is an inspired collection of pictures captured in His Word.

Each one of the details we know of Christ's Birth are intimate scenes experienced by only a few, and for just a moment; but enjoyed by all of God's children every since. This morning as we turn to Luke 2:22-35

Intimate Moments
Full of Life Truths

Today I would like to challenge each of you from one of those precious moments, as nearly six week old Jesus was on His way in the arms of His parents to be dedicated in Jerusalem's Temple. Joseph and Mary would undoubtedly been walking up the entrance called the Southern Steps. I love to teach this passage standing in the midst of a group of Holy Land pilgrims with Bibles opened. It is one of those moments when you can feel the very place the event happened in God's Word!

Around Christ's parents would have been the tens of thousands of pilgrims who each day streamed in and out of that astounding structure. The Temple Mount was a 40 acre platform that could easily contain a quarter-of-a-million people standing on feast days. Herod enlarged the platform Solomon had built and surrounded it with one of the greatest colonnades of the ancient world. Among this forest of gleaming white 60' stone carved pillars moved the rivers of worshippers that filled the Temple each day in Jerusalem.

Luke captures the moment when just two of these thousands of worshippers met in a Divine appointment. The transcript of their meeting has been preserved through the inspiration of God, and comes to us as part of God's record of Christ's birth.

Please follow along in Luke 2:22-35. As we read we'll meet Simeon and marvel with him at baby Jesus. And then as we listen, the message God wants us to hear comes through the words Simeon spoke as he magnified God for sending Jesus into the world.

Luk ...

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