by John Barnett

Christmas: Call His Name Jesus--at the Name of Jesus
John Barnett
Matthew 1:21

Our New Testament opens with the glorious advent of Christ the Promised One; God the Son came to Earth to save sinners.

Christmas is really has one theme and one central message--Jesus came to save people from their sins. That is the way He is introduced to us; those are the first words recorded about Jesus in the New Testament.

Christmas as the Matthew 1:21 introduces it, is year round--because Christmas means remembering Christ's coming to Earth to save people from their sins.

Christmas marks the season we remember the birth of the Name; the Name that is above every name--the Name of Jesus . And that Name is first given to us in Matthew 1.


More people over the past 20 centuries have found strength, comfort, and most of all salvation in the Name of Jesus, than any other Name.

The Name of Jesus has been whispered with the last breath of countless dying saints;
that Name has been sobbed at the bedsides of many sick and injured loved ones;
that Name has been held to tightly in many dark and fearful hours.

That Name is the Name that is above every name; at the Name of Jesus every knee will bow; with the Name of Jesus, God highly exalted His Son.

This Christmas season, have you pondered the powerful, gracious, matchless worth of the Name of Jesus? One young lady in England did so and wrote a collection of poems about the blessing that comes from meditating upon the precious name of Jesus. This woman named Caroline Noel published in 1870, a collection of poems she wrote (that eventually totaled 500) with this interesting title: "The Name of Jesus and other Verses for the Sick and Lonely". Here is one poem that was written many years ago that you may recognize.
At the Name of Jesus Every Knee Shall Bow
Miss Caroline Maria Noel, 1817-1877

At the name of Jesus
Every knee shall bow,
Every tongue confess him
King of glory now:
'Tis ...

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