by Roger Thomas

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Trading in Your Trash (14 of 20)
Series: Forever Living in A Whatever World
Roger Thomas
Philippians 3:1-11

Introduction: I went "garage sale-ing" yesterday. I'll bet a lot of you did, too. There were reportedly sixty some homes scattered about town offering all sorts of treasures ready and waiting for eager buyers. You know it's garage sale weekend when you can't open your garage door without somebody pulling up and asking how much for your lawnmower. Garage sales have to be one of the greatest recycling efforts in the world. Garage sales are where people buy others people's junk so they can sell at their own garage sale the next year!

In case you are a garage sale addict, you still have time to get in on the world's longest garage sale. It takes place next August 2-5 along a 350 mile stretch of US 127 and Lookout Mountain Parkway between Gladsden, Alabama through Chattanooga, Tennessee and north to Covington, Kentucky. It promises over 5,000 vendors on one, continuous three state garage sale. Imagine 350 miles of used 8-track tapes, black velvet paintings of Elvis, puzzles with missing pieces, and only slightly used exercise bikes!

On the other hand, if you are one of those rare individuals who have never held a garage sale, let me explain what it's all about. Writer Bruce Cameron explains (adapted from www.wbruceameron. com): Friday night you're up until two in the morning marking prices on all the junk you're hoping people will buy at your garage sale. You optimistically calculate the total value of your "inventory" at slightly over twenty-two thousand dollar, give or take. Value like beauty is in the eye of the beholder! In particular, you're looking forward to ridding yourself of a hideous table lamp [made from a stuffed armadillo with cactus painted on the plastic shade]. Yes, I said armadillo. You give it a bargain price of $22. Last year's tag is still clinging to the boney tail; it reads $18.

The garage sale begins at 8 am. At ...

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