by Roger Thomas

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Series: Forever Living in a Whatever World
Roger Thomas
Philippians 2:19-24

Introduction: I am often asked by youngsters and older new comers to our church, "what's with the pictures on the wall" in the lower foyer. People who are unfamiliar with the terminology ask, "What's a Timothy?" I generally give the simple answer first. "Those are pictures of men who grew up in this church and are now in the ministry." A few will inquire further, "Why are they called Timothies?"

The answer to that of course requires some Bible background. A part of the answer is found in our text.

Timothy was the offspring of a mixed marriage. His mother was Jewish (Eunice); his father was Greek. He grew up in a part of what is now known as Turkey (Lystra). It is altogether possible that his father had died or left his family. At any rate, Timothy grew up under the influence of his mother and grandmother (Lois). Timothy becomes a Christian during one of Paul's missionary trips to his home town. Paul would later refer to him as his "son in the faith."

When Paul passes through Lystra later, he invites Timothy to join his mission team. For the next several years, he traveled with Paul and company. Timothy sometimes served as his scribe, writing letters that Paul dictated to his churches. More than that, Timothy became Paul's go to guy. He sent him as a messenger and his representative to some of the most troublesome situations. The two letters that bear his name (1 and 2 Timothy) carried instructions for his ministry in Ephesus where he was sent to help organize the church, guide in the selection of leaders, and instruct the church on dealing with false teachers who threatened their well-being.

When this letter was written, Paul is in jail (most likely under house arrest in Rome) for preaching the message of Jesus. After a messenger arrives from one of his closest churches (Philippi) with a financial gift and some queries abo ...

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