by Roger Thomas

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The Incredible Shrinking Christian (10 of 20)
Series: Forever Living in a Whatever World
Roger Thomas
Philippians 2:5-11

Introduction: Recently I was channel surfing and happened upon one of those old movie channels that I seldom watch. Even though I missed the beginning, I was quickly caught up in the plot of an old black and white film. I didn't know it at the time, but I hadn't happened upon just any old movie. Many critics consider it one of the classic science fiction films of all times--The Incredible Shrinking Man. Perhaps you have seen it. The 1957 movie tells the fictional tale of a man named Scott Carey who is accidentally contaminated by radioactivity while on a boating trip. He doesn't die or become sick. Instead, he begins to shrink. Doctors try in vain to find an antidote. In a matter of weeks, he goes from six feet to less than an inch tall.

All kinds of adventures happen in the process. At three feet tall, Carey is the object of stares and ridicule. He feels like somebody from a carnival sideshow. The worse was yet to come. He grows smaller and smaller. Eventually he is reduced to living in a dollhouse. One day while Carey's wife is out, the family cat mistakes him for a mouse and attacks. He survives battered and bloodied. When his wife returns, she finds the cat playing with his bloodstained shirt and assumes he has been killed and devoured.

While fleeing from the ferocious feline, Scott winds up trapped in his own basement. He lives in a matchbox, scales mountain-sized shelves with equipment fashioned from string and a nail, and survives a flood when the water heater bottoms out. The most dramatic moment in the movie comes when Carey does battle with a spider ten times his size. He is armed with a straight pin as sword.

The Incredible Shrinking Man is a parable about perspective. Before Carey's accident, his world was normal. Afterwards, he saw things he had never noticed before. Common, every day objects ...

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