by John Barnett

Extinction Level Event
John Barnett
II Peter 3:1-8

God tells us in Genesis 7:11, that the most disastrous event that has ever happened on earth began. Please open there with me.

God sent an extinction level event to the Earth judging the entire human race completely given over to sin. No one on the Earth survived. No one in the Ark perished. The evidence of that Flood was left across every part of the Earth as a mute witness and warning that God cataclysmically judged sinners.

In the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood, there was NO ESCAPE FROM GOD'S WRATH. Chilling scenes come to our minds: of the rain, the volcanoes, the geysers, the smoke, the storms, the frantic rushing to ever diminishing higher ground. And then the final moments as men and beasts crowded atop the hills and were cut off from breathing by the raging waters.

Flood History

The Flood is extremely well documented historic event because every New Testament writer refers to the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Plus Jesus Christ referred to each of the first seven chapters of Genesis. Thus we safely conclude that every New Testament writer apparently accepted these early chapters of Genesis as historically accurate.

There have been killer quakes over the centuries killing thousands, but nothing like this. There have been deadly plagues over the years killing millions, but never has there been a time that all the inhabitants of the planet except EIGHT were annihilated.

What happened on the ground during Noah's Flood must have been beyond description. It was not only rain that fell. The fountains of the deep must certainly describe the volcanic activity that surrounded the FLOOD.

A brief description of some of the volcanoes, or EXPLODING MOUNTAINS SINCE THE FLOOD can give us a little insight into what the earth was like during those horrifying days of judgment. In August of 1883, the island of Krakatoa in the Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia) exploded. And eve ...

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