by Stan Coffey

Saying No to Fear in the New Year
A New Year's Message
Dr. Stan Coffey

We need to get life under control and that's what's Jesus Christ came to do, was to gain control of our life, that through the power of His spirit, we might be in control of things like worry, and things like fear.

I was thinking about one of my favorite stories about George Washington, about when he chopped down the cherry tree and his father came and asked him if he was the one who had chopped down the cherry tree. George Washington, reportedly, said to his father, "Yes, I did Father. I cannot tell a lie."

That was long, long ago in a galaxy far away when politicians told the truth. But he said, "I cannot tell a lie."

Well, I heard about a little boy who was out on the farm and he knew that story about George Washington and he knew that he had done something wrong. He was kind of concerned because his father was coming toward him and he thought,

"Well, I'm just going to tell him the truth, like George Washington and my father will not punish me, like George Washington's father did not punish him."

What he had done, out there on the farm, they didn't am inside bathroom, they had what they called an outhouse. Now, until I was in the seventh grade, that's the kind of bathroom I had. It was an outhouse. Some of you do not know what

an outhouse is but that is an outside bathroom. You seen them on construction sights now.

Anyway, what the boy had done, he thought it would be fun if he pushed the outside over and it was right on the side of a canyon. So he pushed it over and he had great fun as he watched it roll down the canyon. He thought he thought he had performed a great accomplishment.

His father was coming toward him and he said, "Oh no, I may be in trouble. I've got to remember what George Washington did when his father came to him and asked him if he cut down the cherry tree." All I have to do is tell the truth and
then my father won't punish me.

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