by Roger Thomas

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No Shortcuts to Glory (2 of 7)
Series: The Care and Feeding of A Soul
Roger Thomas
Colossians 2:6-23

I start with some assumptions today. Number one: every one of you wants to know and experience the reality of God in your life. You don't just want to talk a good faith. You want to live it. Number two: you want to go to heaven. While your eternal destiny may seem a long way off most of the time, you truly want what the Bible describes and Jesus offers. Number three: you also want to overcome the temptations and moral struggles that life seems to bring your way. No one, at least no one in this room, plans to fail spiritually and morally.

I am convinced that these three facts are true for everyone in this room. If not, you probably wouldn't be here. There could be some exceptions. A few might be here because your wife or a parent or boy friend insists that you come to church. I have noticed a few heel marks in the asphalt left from when someone has been drug across the street and into church. For most of you, no one makes you show up. You are here because you want to be. You want the spiritual strength, encouragement, and hope that you find at church.

I think one other fact is probably true for many of us. We tend to approach spiritual matters like most people do their health. They are constantly looking for a secret short cut. People imagine a pill that allows them to eat all they want and still lose weight. Folk buy into one diet plan after another, each offering the promise of permanent weight loss the easy way. Or they purchase one exercise contraption after another because the newest one promises an easier way to a healthier you. Of course, within six months most of them end as high priced clothes racks. Within a year, they are the bargain at the all town garage sale. A lot of folk even jump at those TV adds offering the nifty little contraption that you fasten around your waist and plug into the wall. You turn it on and ...

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