by Stan Coffey

Becoming a Spiritual Champion in the New Year
Dr. Stan Coffey

I want to talk with you today about how to becoming spiritual champion in the new year. Surely that is a goal we can all strive for and commit to as we begin this new year. What is a spiritual champion? What does a spiritual champion look like? Of course in II Timothy 4:7-8 we see a spiritual champion that has been there, one who has succeeded, one who has come to the end of his life and has always been a champion for Christ. The Apostle Paul, to me, is the man to whom we should look other than the Lord Jesus if we want to see the profile of a spiritual champion.

In Reader's Digest not long ago they published the seven characteristics of an Olympic champion. I was in Atlanta when they announced that Atlanta would be the sight for the summer games. And there was a spirit of electricity that just went throughout that city. And I have been there a time or two for meetings since then and every time you go to Atlanta you see the feverous preparation that was being made for the Olympics because champions from all over the world were coming there.

There is something about Americans; we love to be identified with the champion. And these men and women come from all over the world, places where they are already champions but their longing, their desire is to be a world champion, to win the gold medal, to win the highest prize. They have spent all of their life preparing for that, training for that.

Reader's Digest said there are seven characteristics that are true, that are a profile of these Olympic champions. Let me just share those with you briefly. Number one, they all have a dream. They all envisioned years before of becoming that Olympic champion. And if you are going to be a spiritual champion you have to have that vision of being all God can make you to be, of being that person that God can use in a way to glorify Himself.

Secondly, they are all fired up! I mean that Ol ...

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