by Roger Thomas

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Raising the Future (5 of 7)
Series: Family-Raising the Future
Roger Thomas
Psalm 78:1-8

Introduction: I want you to look around the room today. What do you see? Did you notice how unusual this group is. I didn't say odd! While that might be true (particularly of certain pews toward the back), that's not what we're talking about today. Look at all the different people. Folk in this room come from many walks of life, different backgrounds, and a countless variety of religious upbringings.

You can also see a cross section of ages. On any given Sunday, this room contains three or four different generations. Sometimes five! All in the same place! All focused on the same thing. That's what is unusual about church. At least this church! There are not a lot of places in society where you can find that kind of mixture. Not any more!

Once upon a time, generations of families grew up in the same neighborhood. A young married couple might set up house-keeping down the road or next door. Grandparents, uncles and aunts, and in-laws and outlaws might all be involved in raising the next generation. That still sometimes happens in small towns like this. But not in most places. Today jobs, changing social structures and mobile lifestyles keep generations apart.

That's what makes a church like this special and important. We are an inter-generational fellowship. Individuals from across generations meet, worship, and learn together. We obviously have programs especially designed for kids and other activities for adults only. But we try to keep a balance. We think it is important that families and different ages also be together at least part of the time. That mix of generations is an important ingredient in a healthy church and healthy families. That's also a value we should all work hard to cherish.

That's also what our text is about. We are in the last half of our 2005 Season of the Family. Between Mother's Day and Father's Day e ...

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