by Roger Thomas

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Life Is Too Precious to Waste (1 of 7)
Series: First Person Christmas Dramas
Roger Thomas
Ephesians 5:15-18

Life is too precious to waste! It is! But you can! Life can be wasted. We all know that. We see it happen. We talk about it.

A talented, bright, energetic young child takes ill and dies. He is struck down before his life had hardly begun. "What a waste," we all say. A carload of high school seniors celebrates after graduation. They speed down a country road and miss a turn. No one survives. All the talk at the funeral home is the same, "What a waste." So much potential! Goals, dreams, futures--all gone in an instant. At such times we instinctively know life is too precious to waste.

Wasted lives happen in other ways, too. A young husband starts drinking, just a little at first. No big deal. But soon he's drinking more and more. He misses work. He comes home angry. He becomes more and more hateful to his wife and kids. It gets worse. Maybe he loses his job. Perhaps his wife has had enough. The family comes apart. A guy with so much going for him loses everything. Everybody who knows them says the same thing, "What a waste!"

It doesn't have to be a major tragedy. Just a disappointment will do. A basketball team practices hard. They get better and better as the season progresses. Everyone has high hopes. The big game comes. The championship is within reach. It's just not their night. They play their worst game of the season. They could have done so much better. They worked so hard. What a waste.

Maybe it's somebody with talent who doesn't use it. It could be somebody who has worked so hard and put in years and years of preparation and then doesn't do anything with it. Maybe a student goes all the way through medical school, trains and works, and then at the last minute gets cold feet and drops out. Maybe that was the best decision for him. But everyone who knows him can' ...

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