by Roger Thomas

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True Courage: Joseph's Story (2 of 4)
Series: First Person Christmas Dramas
Roger Thomas
Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph is the forgotten character of Christmas. He is there. No nativity scene would be complete without him. But we know practically nothing about him. His name is mentioned only a few times. After the "Christmas story," he disappears. Mary still appears, but not Joseph. Scripture focuses on Joseph only twice, shortly before and after the birth of Jesus. We can easily forget that Joseph was a real man. He had all the dreams, hopes, and heartaches that every man has. He also had a unique perspective on Christmas. This is Joseph's story.

This will be another in our series of first person Christmas stories. Again we will need to switch on our "sanctified imaginations." With so little information about Joseph, we have to read between the lines and guess about what it might have really been like. What we do know about Joseph gives us some insight into his character. We will use that knowledge to fill in the rest of the blanks. As usual we will have no costumes or sets. You will have to create those in your imaginations. When I put this Arab scarf over my shoulders, I will become the voice of Joseph. Taking it off signals, our return to real time.
* * *
It is four years or so after the events of Bethlehem. The baby Jesus is now a toddler. Joseph, Mary, and the babe born in the stable have recently returned from Egypt. You remember that Joseph had fled Judea with his young family to escape the Herod's evil scheme to kill the King of the Jews. They decide to return to Galilee rather than Bethlehem. It seemed like a safer place. We are in Joseph's shop in Nazareth. Actually, we would call it more of a carport. It is just a lean-to built on the side of a small house. Joseph just recently opened his carpenter's business. A customer has just walked in. He comments on the cute little boy playing nearby.
* * *
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