by Roger Thomas

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The Life God Intended (2 of 8)
Series: The Beginnings
Roger Thomas
Genesis 2

Introduction: One of my favorite parts of Boy Scouting was orienteering. I was a scout for about a year before I dropped out in favor of sports. During that year, I learned the knots, hiked in the woods, slept in a tent, and spent a week at scout camp. That's where I learned about orienteering.

Orienteering involved learning to follow a course with a map and a compass. The instructions might say go fifty yards due north. Turn twenty degrees to the east and walk another twenty-five yards. If followed correctly, the instructions would take you to a predetermined destination and a prize.

Success depended on two things. First, you had to follow instructions. That was the big test. But even more importantly, you had to read a compass and know one direction from another. Done right, you would always know where you were and what direction you were headed. If you went off course, you were supposed to be able to reorient yourself and find your way back.

That's orienteering. That's also life. The same two principles apply. Ignore the instructions at your own peril. Life is not a game. You are not going to get out of this world alive so you better pay attention. This requires knowing your directions and keeping yourself oriented.

This brings us to Genesis 1-3. We are studying our way through the first three chapters of the Bible in preparation for our 40 Days of Purpose beginning in February. These chapters provide more than a preface to the Bible. They offer an orientation to life. If we pay attention, the lessons of these chapters can guide us through a whole maze of confusing issues in our world.

Today's sermon comes in two parts. In Part I, I will walk through the chapter, section by section. We will call this our analysis. Like a tour guide, I will note various points of interest along the way. The second step will involve application. I w ...

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