by Fred Lowery

Turning Bumps into Blessings
Dr. Fred Lowery
06/01/97 AM

Right now most of you are a problem or you have a problem or you are married to a problem. That is just how life is. Life is not a hallmark card. People have accidents, people get hurt. People get sick. People die. Relationships go bad. Husbands walk away from wives. Wives walk out on husbands and children. Kids rebel. Students get strung out on drugs and alcohol. Teenage girls get pregnant. Bad things happen to good people. They always have and they always will. That is reality. There is a T.V. theology. If you want much stuff when you air religion on television. You know I have found when traveling anywhere in the world there are two things you can always get. That is religious programming and live wrestling. The world is asking the same question about both. Are they fake or they real. The TV theology says there is no problem God won't solve. No sickness that God won't heal. No circumstance God won't change. No pain God won't elevate. I got a Greek word for that theology. Its bologna. That simply does not jive with what this book says. It contradicts what this book says. I want you to understand me carefully. If you change that theology a little bit there is no problem God can't solve. There is no sickness God can't heal. But God often chooses not to do it. If you and I as parents understand that our children must go through some pain and difficulties and experience some consequences in order to grow up and mature we wouldn't be a good parent if we tried to prevent all of that from happening. And God as a perfect heavenly Father knows that He can not accomplish in our lives what He wants to accomplish unless he allows us, he permits us to go through difficulties, through pain, through hardships, through adversity. The bumps in life are things are the things that we do to climb on. They are the reason we grow and mature and God knows that. **I heard about a little boy ...

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