by Fred Lowery

Bumps Keep on Bumping
Fred Lowery

A lady was taking her boy to cub scouts and he had a lizard in a jar and somehow as boys do the lizard got out. And the lizard ran up the leg of the mom. And the mom slammed on the brakes, jumped out of the car and was jerking trying to get the lizard off when a man stopped and thought she was having a ceaser and he pinned her down and was trying to depress her tongue and another man stopped who thought he was molesting her and started beating the man up and in all the confusion the lizard got away. Have you ever felt in all of your confusion your lizard got away. I was watching the basketball finals the other day and Karl Malone who has been in our church, in fact, accepted Christ here, I don't know how he is doing in his Christian walk. But he accepted Christ here and was in our service. But Karl Malone was voted MVP and the other night he couldn't buy a basket. I mean it was pitiful and they were so hard on him. I mean they just suppose to be MVP and here is Jordan who could just do no wrong. You are watching Jordan play and you are saying this is the greatest basketball player that has ever played basketball. So we made it through that game - so this last game that I saw it turned around and Karl Malone was incredible and Jordan couldn't do anything. I thought this is so much like life and then I saw this little commercial or what, it caught me off guard, I wished I had a pen and written down what he said. But Jordan came on and said I have missed 9,000 shots. Some people believe this is the greatest guy to play basketball. I have missed 9,000 shots and then he said there have been times when I had the final shot of the game and my points would have won the game and I missed. And lost the game. And he told how many times that had happened. He told how many games he had lost. And then he said. "It is my failures that have led me to my success." Wow! I thought thanks Michael I need in my sermon. Because ...

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