by Fred Lowery

Bump of Unforgiveness
Fred Lowery
July 20, 1997

Jesus is a heart mender. Amen. Is there anyone that you haven't forgiven. Oh I know you say, well I don't know who he is preaching to today because I am a forgiving machine. I forgive anybody and everybody. No problem here. Why critize an angel. Well, let me dig a little deeper. Is there anyone when you accidentally meet up with them your insides begin to change. Maybe you will have a little persperation in your hand and your mouth becomes cotton dry. Maybe your heart begins to beat a little faster. Or lets say you meet somebody in the isle of the grocery store and suddenly you feel a tremendous urge to change isles. Oh I am getting there I see. Maybe it is a relative that you hear they are coming to see you and you decide to take a vacation that week and be gone. Maybe its your mother-n-law whose an angel meaning she is always up in the air harping about something (laughter) and you are struggling with that. Well all of us deal with this issue of forgiveness and we are in a series of sermons on the bumps in life and how to handle the bumps in life and we have been talking about the bumps that keep on bumping. Those reocuring problems that cause us to loose perspective - that take the joy out of our lives that fill our hearts with fear and anxiety. Bumps that just keep on bumping. We have talked about the bump of anger, the bump of fear - today we talk about the bump of unforgiveness. Like fear and anger unforgiveness takes the joy out of life and puts in its place resentment and bitterness and hate. We seethe inside. We loose our freedom. We loose our focus. Unforgiveness is holding on to hurt. It is refusing to let go. It is holding on to grudges. It is wanting to retaliate. It seeks revenge. Unforgiveness. It just can not let go. On the other hand forgiveness is the process of replacing those hurt feelings with genuine love and acceptance. In forgiveness you cease to blame someon ...

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