by Fred Lowery

Bump of Fear
Dr. Fred Lowery
Joshua 24:14

Leigh and I were on a plane Friday coming from Atlanta and the lady sitting on Leigh's left was afraid and she kept asking over and over is this normal, every movement of the plane, every different sound is this normal. On my right, is a man who was making all of these unusual movements and sounds and getting up and down and I could tell that he was in a mess and I finally said to him, I leaned over and asked, "My friend are you afraid; he said I am scared to death. I said I understand. I began to talk to him and he hasn't flown since 1970. And he was coming to see his sister in Shreveport and so I kept talking to him and trying to calm him down telling him that we were going to fine and we talked about other things just to get his mind off the subject. He said you are so kind what do you do, I said I pastor a church in Bossier.

He said Oh, my God I have been running from God for 10 years and he started crying. I thought you jerk God is going to kill us because of you. Just a thought! But then I began to talk to that man about how to get back with God. That even though he moved away from God that God had not moved away from him. And that God wanted to forgive him and restore that relationship and we were landing in Monroe and I talked to him the whole time that we were landing so he wouldn't know that we were landing. In fact, the stewardess thanked me after we landed for talking to him all that time during the landing. Then he tried to get off the plane in Monroe. I said, I know it is not that far to Shreveport. I can get to Shreveport, I don't want to go back up. But Leigh and I were able to talk him into going back up with us and coming over to Shreveport. One of the reasons I so felt for that man is because you see I am not a therapist but I have been there. I have been paralyzed by fear. And made miserable because of it and totally unable to control it or deal with it. And so I felt fo ...

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