by Fred Lowery

Bump Called Anger
Fred Lowery
June 29, 1997

A lady walked into a gun shop and said I want to buy a small revolver for my husband and the man behind the counter said did he give you any indication of the make or model. She said, no he doesn't know that I am going to shoot him. Anger, revenge. A lady was trying to park her Lexus and the guy driving a sports car popped in right behind her and parked in the spot. She got angry and asked him why he did that. He said I don't know I guess I am just young and quick. Well when he came out of the building she was still in her Lexus except she was running into his sports car. He says what are you doing and why are you doing that. She said because I am old and rich. Anger and revenge. Imagine a man who is absolutely huge. His left is considered a lethal weapon. His right hand is considered a lethal weapon. He is a man of steel. Imagine that man thinking in his mind if I don't get my way I am going to bite your ear. And if you hurt me again, I will bite your other ear. Get a life Mike Tyson, what is the deal. They said he lost control, he did. Anger would cause a man of that kind of strength to lose control. Let me tell you something anger will cause you to loose control and do some dumb, silly or stupid things. Two kids were looking at a bathroom scale. One of them said, what is that? The other said, I don't know but I think when you climb up on it makes you mad. What makes you mad? What do you get angry about? Is it mostly by people or by circumstances? Have you been angry this past week? There was this lady and her husband died and she put on his tombstone, rest in peace. And then they read the will and she found out he left his money to another woman. She went back to try to get the rest in peace taken off. They couldn't take it off, so she said add the words, until we meet again. There is someone you are trying to get back. Even though that person may be dead. But you still have the ang ...

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