by Rex Yancey

The Tragedy of Neglect
Rex Yancey
Hebrews 2:1-4

Dr. George W. Truett, for 47 years was the pastor of FBC Dallas. He said, "Our whole world is a battlefield covered with wrecks occasioned by neglect."
Proverbs gives a description of a vineyard that had been neglected. There was no wall around it. The ground was full of thorns and thistles. There was no fruit on the vines. The vineyard was the way it was because it had been neglected. "I saw it and considered it; I looked and received instruction, a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest."
Have you ever seen an old house that had been neglected? The house does not have to be old to be neglected.
The nursing homes are filled with sad older people who long for a visit from their families. They are neglected.
In 1977, I was a chaperone for a youth trip to New Mexico. I had little kids say to me, "I wish you were my daddy." It is sad when parents neglect their children.
Many marriages are wrecked because of neglect.
As sad as these things are, the saddest and most tragic neglect is the neglect of God's salvation.
These Hebrew Christians were not rejecting God's salvation; they were neglecting God's salvation. The Greek word for neglect means "they made light of it." The word means "not to care." The writer is speaking of Christians who do not care. Look at the pronouns we and us.
I want us to consider three things from this text: The reason for neglect, the results of neglect, and the remedy for neglect.
1. Salvation is neglected because people do not understand its greatness.
"So great salvation..." Our salvation through Jesus is unequalled and unparalleled.
What is it that you cherish? Do you cherish your American citizenship? I have traveled enough in the world to appreciate my American citizenship. But if I had a choice between being a Christian and a Russian citizen or an American and being lost, I would not hesitat ...

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