by Fred Lowery

Lord, Why Can't I Change
Fred Lowery

What a powerful message about the importance of voting and so many things are you know weighing in the balance as to what happens in this election. And so I know you are going to vote sixty million evangelicals, we could make a difference on the side of family, faith, values that we believe in if we take the opportunity to vote.

Of course I am preaching a series on change you can believe in and I don't ever tell you who to vote for that's something that you decide in your heart. If you just don't know ask me privately and I'll tell you. There was a country family that went to the city for the first time and it happened to be New York and the dad and the son went into this fancy hotel and they saw these silver doors, three of them and they had numbers above them. And the son said dad what is that and the dad said don't know. But he walked over there and pushed the button and the wall, that silver wall separated and there was a little room and then he pushed the button again and the wall closed. So they just stood there and looked at. Then a lady walked up, an older woman, who was rotund and not really very attracted and she pushes the button and the wall opens up and she goes in that little room and the wall closes. And then they saw these numbers go up, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and then stop and came back down seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and the wall opened again and out stepped a beautiful blonde in her twenties. The dad said, son, go get your mama we got to put her in this machine. Well you may not get that kind of radical change in your life but all of us need to be changing for the better. Life is a series of choices and so if we're going to change then we have to change our choices because the kind of choices that we make represents the kind of life that we will live. One of the smartest and healthiest things we could ever do is to take full responsibility for our own lives. For our choices ...

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