by Robert Walker

Doing What We Can for Jesus
Robert Walker
Mark 14:1-9

The story is told of a beggar in India who sat by the road begging for alms. As he held out his bowl, people passing by dropped a few grains of rice into it. This was his means of providing food for himself.

Occasionally someone would drop a coin in his hands. One day he saw a procession coming down the road and he thought, "This is good.

It looks as if a prince is coming. Surely he will give me a gold coin today." And it was indeed a prince. He stopped beside the beggar, who held out his bowl and waited eagerly to see what the prince would put in.

But, to his surprise, the prince asked, "Will you give me your rice?" The beggar answered, "I can't do that; it's all I have."

Again the prince said, "I want your rice." Again, the beggar said, "No, I can't give you my rice. I'll starve."

The prince made a third request for the rice. Slowly the beggar reached into his bowl, took out three grains of rice and put them in the hand of the prince.

The prince then reached into a bag hanging at his belt and took out three nuggets of gold which he dropped into the beggar's bowl. As the beggar looked at them he thought regretfully, "Why, oh why didn't I turn my bowl upside-down in his hand?"

Had he gave more he would have received more?

This woman is overwhelmed by love, & she found a way to express it. Now, we're not even sure who the woman was. Her name is not given in either Matthew or Mark's gospel accounts.

John tells us that her name is "Mary," so some think that she was Mary Magdalene. Others think that she was Mary, the sister of Martha & Lazarus. But we really don't know for sure just who she was.

Some scholars point out that the alabaster -jar contained expensive perfume of a kind commonly used by the ladies of the night - prostitutes who walked the streets. It was a tool of their trade.

They doused themselves in it to make themselves more appealing to men who would pay f ...

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