by Fred Lowery

The Power for Change
Fred Lowery

And the moment that we assume that we are changing in a positive way we are in trouble because good change doesn't happen automatically. You know in the 2000 election between Gore and Bush had just at each polling place, had it been a two vote difference then Bush would not have been president but Gore would have been president. Two votes in each polling spot. The shuttle going to the moon had it just been two degrees off it would not only have missed its point of entry into orbit but it would have missed the moon by 11,121 miles. I mean if you are going to the moon and you miss it that far I don't think you, I mean that's kind of a wasted trip wouldn't be. What about a marriage? You see if you just assumed, unfortunately I think most marriages assume that it's going to go on and it's going to get better and the changes will be positive. But if your marriage is just off two degrees can you imagine just a year down the road, five years down the road how far apart you are emotionally. It could be true in a church. If our church is just two degrees off of what we really need to be as a church, think of how far we would be from God just down the road a few years. So what we want to talk about is how to bring positive change in your life and I want you to understand right out the outside is that the default on this thing is negative change. Because if you're not bringing about positive change in your life and in those relationships that you have, your spiritual life, your marriage, with your family, even as a citizen. Then what's happening is negative change is coming in. Change that's not going to be good for you long term. So that's why it's so important that we take this thing about change seriously. And if you belong to God you want to be changing becoming more like him. You want it to be positive change. God's ultimate goal in your life and in my life is for us to one day be like Christ. That's God's purpose and mis ...

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