by Daniel Rodgers

There Is Hope
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 27:1-3

INTRODUCTION: We are just six days away from the elections. In my mind, this is will be the most important election in my lifetime. Whoever takes the White House will determine the future course of our nation. Our country is at war, our economy is in a shambles, and people are fearful about the drastic changes we are facing. But I want to tell you, for the Christian there is hope.

I like what David said in Psalm 5:11, "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee."

QUOTE: In the 17th century, Francis Sales wrote, "Do not look forward to the changes and chances of this life in fear; rather look to them with full hope that, as they arise, God, whose you are, will deliver you out of them. He is your Keeper. He has kept you hitherto. Hold fast to his dear hand, and he will lead you safely through all things; and, when you cannot stand, he will bear you in his arms. Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow. Our Father will either shield you from suffering, or he will give you strength to bear it.1

As we consider our message, "There is Hope," I have three points:

I. There is a Feeling of Hopelessness
II. There are Better Things to Come
III. There are Things We Can Do


A. War and Strife among Nations

1. I believe Iraq is only the beginning. By the way, would you believe it; a large percentage of the Iraqi people don't want us there anymore. We've only saved their country from a ruthless dictator, and have poured billions of dollars into their economy. We have rebuilt their schools, hospitals, energy plants and the infrastructure. I wonder if they would like to have someone like Sadam Hussein back in power.

2. Now we hear that Iran is working on the final stages of a nuclear weapon. I wouldn't doubt if they already have it. ...

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