by Daniel Rodgers

A Better Tomorrow
Dan Rodgers
Ecclesiastes 7:8; Proverbs 13:12; James 5:11

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever felt like, "Boy, I wish this day would end." I mean things have been building up; the pressure seems more than I can bear...I just want things to go away. And we begin to worry. By the way, did anyone ever tell you that worry is the thief of life? Worry never accomplished one thing. It never paid a bill, restored one's health, made a friend, or helped change anything for the better.

ILLUS: A man was sitting on a park bench shredding old newspapers and spreading them around. "What are you doing?" asked a bystander. "I'm spreading this paper around to keep the elephants away." The visitor looked around the well-kept city park. "I don't see any elephants," he said. The man smiled. "Works pretty good, doesn't it," he replied.
Worry is like that. We expend a lot of energy on problems that don't exist. Yes, I know we all face real problems, but we often create additional ones by thinking of all the bad things that might happen but never do.1

If you are here this morning as one who is caught in the worry trap; if today is filled with uncertainties and there seems to be no solution, listen to the message. There will be "A Better Tomorrow."

I have three things that will help:

I. Make the Best of Today
II. Don't Worry About Tomorrow
III. Trust God to Keep his Word


Sometimes we can get so caught up in tomorrow, that we miss what God has for us today. We can become so focused on our problems, wanting things to change, that God's will for us today passes us by, and we didn't even see it.

Can I just say this? The future belongs to God. There is not one thing you and I can do to change tomorrow. If we could change the future, then we would be God. It doesn't take me five seconds in the mirror in the morning to realize I am not God. And since I am not God, and since I cannot do anything about what happens th ...

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