by Steve Wagers

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Joseph: Undeniable Faith (7 of 12)
Series: Fantastic Faith
Steve N. Wagers
Hebrews 11:22
August 3, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. God Touched Him with Ability!
A) Physical Distinction
B) Spiritual Discernment
2. God Tested Him with Adversity!
A) Abandonment did not Break Him
B) Allurement did not Take Him
C) Advancement did not Shake Him
3. God Trusted Him with Authority!
A) He Lived by the Word of God
B) He Lived like the Son of God

William F. Harley said, "There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced, by circumstances, to meet."

Someone has said, "To have faith is a great tribute to any man. However, to have faith which triumphs in every situation of life is the mark of a great man."

I think of Shakespeare's famous work, "Twelfth Night," from which we have the immortal words:

"Some are born great,
Some achieve greatness
Some have greatness thrust upon them."

Our tour called 'Fantastic Faith' continues as we meet a man who would easily be considered a success, as well as a man of greatness. He is a man, of undeniable faith, named Joseph.

From the very beginning of his life we learn that he lived a godly life, as well as a guarded life. In Genesis 39: 2 we read,
"The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man."

The statement, "the Lord was with Joseph," is the secret to his success. From the pit to the prison to the palace, the Lord was with him.

One-quarter of the book of Genesis is made up of the account of Joseph's life. Yet, there is no sin, failure, or mistake that is featured or recorded. He certainly was not sinless, but it seems that his life was blameless before men, and spotless before God.

J. Vernon McGee comments, "There is not one in the Scripture more like Jesus Christ, in his person and experiences, than Joseph."

Abel was a man of Unforgettable faith; Enoch was a man of Unmatchable faith; Noah was a man of Unsinkable faith; Abraham was a man of Unbelievable ...

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