by Steve Wagers

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Jacob: Unpredictable Faith (6 of 12)
Series: Fantastic Faith
Steve N. Wagers
Hebrews 11:21
July 27, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. The Character of a Deluded Man!
A) His Defrauding of Esau
B) His Deception of Isaac
C) His Despising of God
2. The Conflict of a Determined Man!
A) How He was Confronted
B) How He was Changed
3. The Compliment of an Developed Man!
A) God's Progress with Jacob
B) God's Purpose for Jacob

God raised up a great Christian leader 140 years ago to lead us out of this human scourge. His biography reads like the profile of a "failure"... He had a difficult childhood. Less than one year of formal schooling. In the 1800's, he failed in business in '31...Defeated for the legislature in '32...Failed again in business in '33...Elected to the legislature in '34...Fiancée died in '35...Defeated in an effort to be Speaker in '38...Defeated for elector in '40...Married in '42...Only one of his four sons lived past age 18.

He was defeated for Congress in '43...Elected to Congress in '46...Defeated for Congress in '48...Defeated for U.S. Senate in '55...Defeated for Vice President in '56...Defeated again for U.S. Senate in '58.
This profile of a "failure" is also the story of a man who never stopped trying, even though his failures were many and his successes were few. He took literally the principle found in Proverbs 24:16,
"For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again:"

This "failure" kept right on trying... one more time. In 1860, he was elected the 16th President of the United States and became one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

The story of a man named Jacob reads much like that of Lincoln. He began as a failure, but he ended in success. Through the process of desperation, he experienced a transformation.

The baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown, New York. The football Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio. The basketball Hall of Fame is located in ...

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