by Daniel Rodgers

The Pain of Waiting
Dan Rodgers
Proverbs 13:12; Psalm 27:14
October 1, 2008

ILLUS: Years ago, my wife flew to North Carolina, to be at her sister's beside; she was dying of cancer.

When it came time to leave and return to California, our daughter, Donna, drove her to the airport in Greensboro. Kitty was flying on stand-by, so she was called up at the last minute. The positive side of that was that she was able to sit in First-Class. However, after sitting on the tarmac for a little bit, the pilot announced that due to some mechanical difficulties, they would be returning to the terminal.

It wasn't long before they announced boarding for the plane. Kitty sat in her same seat. This time, she noticed a lady who wasn't on the plane before was seated next to her. It was a short flight--about an hour. The plane was going to be landing in Charlotte. Before they landed, Kitty had won her passenger friend to the Lord.

When the plane landed, the lady got off the plane, having to board a different flight. Kitty remained on the plane, as it would be the same flight going to San Francisco, her final destination. She was allowed to keep her same First-Class seat. As the new passengers boarded the plane, a well-dressed businessman sat down in the seat next to her. Before the plane landed in San Francisco, Kitty had led him to the Lord.

When she got off the plane, she introduced me to her flying companion. She told me how he had prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. All three of us rejoiced over his decision.

We asked the man where he was going; he said, "San Jose." We told him we would be glad to drop him off there, which we did.

A few days later, Kitty received letters from both the lady and the gentleman, thanking her for sharing Christ with them.

Here's the point: God had a reason for Kitty's waiting in Greensboro. If her plane hadn't returned to the terminal for repairs, the lady would never have boarded and been saved, nor wo ...

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