by Fred Lowery

Whosoever Will May Come
Love Loud – week 3
Dr. Fred Lowery
Scripture Used: John 3:16;1 John 4:7; Deuteronomy 7:7-8; 1 John 4:8; Hosea 3:1;1 John 4:9; Romans 5:8; John 10:11; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 John 2:2; Acts 4:12; Revelation 20:15
September 14, 2008

At the end, fly to Jesus. You know I know what some of you were doing these last couple of days in front of the television set watching the storm coverage and you know it was kind of a crazy time. You know you would go to, you know, politics back to the storm and back to politics and back to the storm. And my four year old Hudson Taylor the night before last he said to his, you know they were sitting there doing this and he said "daddy, who's going to win, Obama or the hurricane". So it was easy to get confused in all of that but I tell you it's not confusing when you read John 3:16. Because it absolute truth, it is the Mt. Everest of hope and love and grace. It's a verse that if it was the only verse we had in the Bible we could come to Jesus and we could find forgiveness and eternal life. So we're looking at this verse and finding our way through it and having a wonderful time doing it. For God is how it begins. The God – different from all other gods. He has not competition. Not Allah. Not Mohammed. God stands alone. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe. For "the God", the one and only God so loved the world. His nature is to love. That's what the Bible simply says. God is love. He can't do anything but love. That's His nature and that love is universal. He loves the whole world with His whole heart and that's amazing, isn't it. God who's very nature is love. God loves the world. The whole world with His whole heart. Love is the greatest word in all the world. But you know the over use of this word has diffused it some; it has cheapened this word love. In the English language we're not very descriptive and we have one word for love. We say I love my wife. I love my children ...

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