by Stan Coffey

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Getting Your Life Under Control (1 of 6)
Series: Getting Worry Under Control
Stan Coffey

Today we start a brand new series of messages on one of the most loved passages of scripture in all the Bible. In fact, I've never preached a series of messages on this chapter. I've preached from this chapter, but never an entire series.

Many times we feel that our life if spinning our of control. So many people say to me, as a pastor, they say, "Pastor, I just feel that my life is completely out of control. I feel my children are out of control, my finances are out of control,

my emotions are out of control. It just seems that I'm on a collision course and I can't get back on track."

I've studied the 23rd Psalm and discovered that this chapter is about the solution to those problems. It's about taking control of your life.

King David was a man who had a lot of stress. He had a lot of family problems. He had a lot of responsibility. He was head of a nation. King David wrote the 23rd Psalm and as he writes it, you can see that he's dealt with all those things that we deal with today and even more things. He talks about how to get your life under control.

Today we are going to be talking about taking control of worry and we'll look primarily at the first verse of Psalm 23. We'll just look at the entire Psalm, because it's short, and get the picture and the flavor of it.

As King David looks at his life as an adult, he thinks about his life as a boy when he was a shepherd and he things about the responsibility of the shepherd and the relationship of the shepherd to the sheep.

King David says, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, "You know, that's my relationship to God. God is the shepherd and I'm one of His sheep."

So, it's all about a picture of God. It's no wonder that the 23rd Psalm is one of the seven wonders of the literary world. It's no wonder that it's been quoted in nursery school and it's been quoted on the battlefield. ...

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