by Daniel Rodgers

Our Wonderful and Powerful God
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 145:1-6

ILLUS: The following is the amazing testimonial of the conversion of a medical doctor:
"In an anatomy room, a dead body meant nothing to me. I could not visualize the man or woman it might have been. Life left few records on the immobile face. For weeks I worked, and each day the wonder grew. Then one day I was working on an arm and hand, studying the perfect mechanical arrangements of the muscles and tendons, how the sheaths of certain muscles are split to let tendons of other muscles through, so that the hand may be delicate, small and yet powerful. I was all alone in the laboratory when the overwhelming belief came: a thing like this is not just chance but a part of a plan, a plan so big that only God could have conceived it.
Religion had been to me a matter of form, a thing without conviction, but now everything was an evidence of God--the tendons of the hand, the patterns of the little butterfly's wings--all are a part of God's wonderful design."1
That doctor came to realize what we already know; and that is that we have a "Wonderful and Powerful God," who can do anything.
INTRODUCTION: This evening, I want to talk to you about 3 of God's Divine attributes; His Omnipotence, that He is all powerful, His Omnipresence, that he can be everywhere at the same time, and His Omniscience, that He knows all things. Ladies and gentleman, I submit to you; we serve a great and powerful God. And if you know Him, then you can know that you are in safe and capable hands.


Omnipotence means that God is all-powerful...He is able to do anything and He is able to do all things. In Gen. 17:1, God represented Himself to Abraham as the Almighty--the Hebrew is El Shaddai (El or Elohim, meaning God,) Shaddai meaning "All-Sufficient or All-Powerful."

A. God's Power is Witnessed in Creation

1. Psa. 33:9 says, "By t ...

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