by Brad Whitt

The Way Things Ought To Be
Brad Whitt
Acts 6:1-7

INTRO: I want you to take your Bibles this morning and turn with me to Acts chapter 6 if you would. This morning we will be nominating three men to serve as deacons here at Temple for the next three years. We have a total of nine deacons who serve on a three year, rotational basis, and so this is to be a very serious and sober time in the life of our church as we seek the men whom the Lord would have us to set aside for this very important ministry to our church body.

As I said, you will be placing into nomination three men this morning to fill the three spots that will be vacated by the three deacons who will be rotating off the end of August. Once the ballots are collected. . .

• the deacons will tally them up
• they will put together a list of the top six men who meet the qualifications and requirements for deacon here at Temple
• they will ask them if they're willing to serve
• they will interview them and question them about their salvation, their doctrine and their support of this church
• And then after the staff and the deacons give their okay, those six men will be placed onto the Deacon ballot on August 17.

So, this is a very important morning for us as a church body because this morning has the potential of setting and affecting the direction of this church for at least the next three years. That's why I thought this morning would be an appropriate time for me to share with you what the Bible says about the role of the pastor, the role of the church and the role of the deacon. If you want to give this morning's message a title you can simply call it, "The Way Things Ought To Be."

Now, look with me here in Acts chapter 6. In Acts 6 we have what I believe is the text that gives us the origin of the office of the deacon. But I also believe that this text tells us how a New Testament church is supposed to be organize and how it is supposed to operate. This is the way things o ...

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