by Brad Whitt

A Mother's Faith: A Message for Mothers . . . And Others
Brad Whitt
II Timothy 1:1-5, 3:12-17

INTRO: I want you to take God's precious and powerful Word on this Mother's Day morning and I want you to be finding your place at 2nd Timothy chapter 1 if you will. And while you're finding your place there I want to make this one statement as a way of introduction - you know, a lot of times we talk about the faith of our fathers (there's even an old hymn by that title), and I do believe that men are to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. As I've said from this pulpit on numerous occasions the husband is to be the pastor, protector and provider for his home. But if we were to be real honest this morning, more times that not, it's not the faith of our fathers that we grab a hold of (or that grabs a hold of us), it's the faith of our mothers.

ILLUS: As a matter of fact, just this past Monday (May 7, 2007), the Barna Research Group released the results of a recent survey and in that survey what they discovered is that more likely than not, it is the mothers who are fortifying the family with faith, and not the fathers. Listen to the introduction from that report. ''Mothers inhabit many roles inside and outside the family. Within the household, they are often counted on to be the emotional compass, organizer, and multitasking manager of the family. Add to that list another common function: spiritual energizer . . . women who are raising children are among the most faith-minded and spiritually active segments of the American population.

The study shows that more than three-quarters of moms identify ''family'' to be their highest priority. At the same time, a majority of mothers strongly agree that their faith is very important in their life. In contrast, fathers also tend to list family as their top priority in life, yet they are much less likely to equally attribute importance to faith.

(Now, listen to this conclusion by David Kinneman, President of The Ba ...

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