by Brad Whitt

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Where No Life Is Wasted (10 of 10)
Series: A Life Worth Living
Brad Whitt
Ecclesiastes 1:1-2

INTRO: Alright, take your Bibles one last time this morning and be finding your place at the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes if you would. This morning we are concluding our series of messages that we've been in since the beginning of February that we've entitled, "A Life Worth Living." For those of you who are our guests today, what we've done during this series of studies is we have gone through the great stories of the Bible and the great people of the Bible to discover just what are the characteristics of conspicuous Christians.

I hope that you've enjoyed our study, and have been encouraged as we've gone through these stories and characters, but most of all, I pray that the Holy Spirit has shown you some area or areas of your life that you can improve on or grow in by seeing the strengths, or maybe even the weaknesses, of these events and individuals.

Now, one last time, let's go through the stories and people and the lessons that we've learned from them and then we'll jump into our last study this morning.

If you'll remember, we learned from:

The story of Joshua at the battle of Jericho what it means to live where no wall is too tall.
The story David and Goliath what is means to live where no foe is too great.
The suffering of Job what it means to live where no pain is without purpose.
The poem that David wrote when he came to the realization of his own sin what it means to live where no failure is final.
The darkness and the dawn of Calvary what it means to live where no life is without hope.
An empty tomb and a promise kept what it means to live where no Friday is without a Sunday.
Paul's instruction to Timothy what it means to live where no worker is ashamed.
Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus what it means to live where no battle is lost.
The advice from a father to his son what it means to live where no counsel is ignored.

And t ...

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