by Brad Whitt

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Where No Friday is Without a Sunday (6 of 10)
Series: A Life Worth Living
Brad Whitt
Matthew 28

INTRO: Alright, take your Bibles and be finding your place at the gospel of Matthew if you would. It sure is a joy to have all of you here this morning and from all indications we're still enjoying record crowds here at Temple and we're glad because we know that the reason that you're here isn't because of us, but you're here because Jesus Christ really is alive.

As a matter of fact, the Christian church has had a greeting that has expressed the essence of our faith for over 2000 years. It goes something like this, "Jesus Christ is risen." And the response - "He is risen indeed." Let's share in that together, can we? "Jesus Christ is risen - He is risen indeed." He really is, you know. And that's why we're here this morning. We've come together to celebrate and to worship our risen Lord.

ILLUS: I was standing in line at Bi-Lo this past week or so, and I looked over like I normally do and checked out the covers of the magazines that were displayed there. Of course, these days you just about have to guard your eyes because you never know exactly what you're going to see, but on one of the covers of the magazines that were there was a cover story that was entitled, "Smart Move," and it was a story about Elizabeth Smart moving on with her life and entering college. Of course, Elizabeth Smart is the young lady who captured the interest and attention of America when on June the 5th, 2002 she was abducted from her home in the middle of the night. And most of you know the story of how for almost a year she was away from her parents who had no idea of where she was or if she was even still alive. On Wednesday March 12th, 2003 her father, Ed Smart received a phone call from the police department in Sandy, Utah. Sandy, Utah is a suburb of Salt Lake City. They didn't tell him anything except that they needed him to come as quickly as he could because there was something ...

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