by Brad Whitt

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The Beginning of Sin (7 of 10)
Series: The Book Of Beginnings
Brad Whitt
Genesis 3:1-24

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at the 3rd chapter of Genesis if you would. Genesis chapter three and that's the first book of your bible. If its not, you've got the wrong Bible. But Genesis chapter 3, and this morning as we continue in our series of studies through this beginning book of the Bible that we've entitled, "The Book Of Beginnings," I want us to look at the beginning of sin. When did sin begin on this earth?

ILLUS: Whenever I start to preach about sin, I always remember back to when I was pastoring in West Tennessee. Every Sunday morning when I would walk into the church the music minister would ask me what I was preaching on that morning and I would always tell him, "sin." And every Sunday morning he would ask, "Are we for it or against it?"

ILLUS: Calvin Coolidge, former president of the United States, wasn't really known as what you might call a "church-going man." Well, one Sunday he ended up going to church. When he got home he told his wife what had happened and how he had ended up going to church. His wife asked him, "What did the preacher preach on?" "Sin," he said." "What did he say about it?" "I think he was against it."

Well, Genesis chapter 3 answers just about any question that we could ask about sin as it relates to mankind.

• "When did sin begin?" - "In the beginning."
• "Where did sin begin?" - "In the Garden of Eden."
• "Who began sin?" - "Adam and Eve."
• "How did sin begin?" - "Sin began when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree that God had told them not to eat from. It began when they disobeyed God."
• What happened as a result of sin?" – "They were kicked out of the Garden and death and pain and sorrow entered into this world."

You see, there are a lot of questions about sin that are answered for us here in this third chapter of the Bible, but ...

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