by Brad Whitt

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Series: The Book of Beginnings
Brad Whitt
Genesis 2:4-7

INTRO: I want you to take your Bible's now again this morning and be finding your place at Genesis chapter 2 if you would. We're in a series of studies through this first book of the bible, the book of Genesis, that we have entitled "The Book of Beginnings." You see, if you really want to know how and when everything started you've got to go back to the very beginning. That's what the word "Genesis" means – "beginning," and that's what we have given to us here in the first pages of the Bible. We have the beginning of time and space. We have the beginning of the universe and this planet that we live on. We have the beginning of all vegetation and animal life. We have the beginning of man and sin. We have the beginning of God's plan of redemption. We have the beginning of culture. We have the beginning of God's covenant with His people. We have the beginning of prophecy. And so, you see, the fruits that are found in the remainder of the Bible trace their roots to the seed-bed that we call the book of Genesis.

Now, this morning we're going to just be looking at a few verses from Genesis chapter 2, but I want you to know that I'll probably never preach a more foundational, fundamental message as your pastor – especially to our young people – than the message that I'm going to share with you this morning. You see, this morning we're going to be dealing with the whole subject of where we came from as humans?

ILLUS: I heard about a young boy who came in from school one day and asked his dad, "Where did we come from?" Well, his dad had prepared and waited for this day, so he got out his charts and he got out his books and he sat his young son down and told him about biology and physiology. He told him about the birds and the bees and when he got done he looked at his son and asked him if he had any questions. His son looked at him and said, "Well, Billy said th ...

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