by Steve Wagers

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A Record Setting Offering (8 of 10)
Series: Worship at Its Best
Steve N. Wagers
Romans 12:1-2
August 10, 2008

Sermon Outline
1) A Personal Presentation!
A) What it Means?
1) A Specified Offering
2) A Sanctified Offering
3) A Satisfied Offering
B) Why it Matters?
2) A Total Transformation!
A) The Mold that must be Shunned
B) The Mind that must be Shaped
3) A Radical Revelation!
A) Worship is Perfected
B) Wisdom is Provided

I recently read about a pastor who had taken his 2 nephews to church one Sunday. The boys had never been in church before, which was obvious when in the middle of the service one of them shouted, "How much longer do we have to stay here?" To make matters worse, when they began to pass the offering plates the other nephew shouted out, "You mean we gotta pay for this too?"

Sadly, that is the way many believers feel when it comes time to receive the offering. But, contrary to popular Baptist belief, the offering should be one of the most exciting times in our worship service.
Many Christians embody the words of the poem:

"Once there was a Christian,
He had a pious look.
His consecration was complete
Except his pocketbook.

He'd put a nickel in the plate
And then with might and main,
He'd sing: 'When we asunder part
It gives me inward pain.'"

The truth of the matter is that we should receive a record setting offering every time we assemble together. I am not just referring to a record setting offering from our checkbook, but from our date-book. I am not just referring to an offering which involves our giving, but our living.

As we continue our study of "Worship at Its Best," we come to the final great division in the book of Romans. Romans 1-8 form the division regarding the principles of Christianity. Paul talks about sin, then he talks about salvation, and then he talks about sanctification.

Romans 9-11 form the division regarding the parenthesis of Christianity. Paul shares his burden for the ...

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