by Steve Wagers

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Believe It or Not, It Happened at Church (6 of 10)
Series: Worship at Its Best
Steve N. Wagers
Isaiah 6:1-13
July 27, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. The Glorious One Showed Up!
A) The Greatness of His Power
B) The Holiness of His Person
2. The Guilty One Spoke Up!
A) How Depraved He Was
B) How Desperate He Was
3. The Grateful One Signed Up!
A) The Answer Given by a Willing Man
B) The Assignment Given to a Working Man
1) Go to an Unconverted People
2) Go to an Unconcerned People

In Charles Colson's book, "The Body," there is a chapter entitled, "Extending the Right Fist of Fellowship." It tells the story of an event that took place in the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newton, Massachusetts, when a church conflict actually broke out in a fist fight at the altar of the church.

The story goes, "It was the right hook that got him. Pastor Waite might have stood in front of the communion table trading punches with head deacon Ray Bryan all morning, had not Ray's fist caught the pastor on the chin 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the fight. Pastor Waite went down for the count at the altar where most members of Emmanuel Baptist Church had first declared their commitment to Christ.

Within an instant, the majority of the congregation converged on the communion table, punching or shoving. The melee soon spilled over to an open space between the organ. Mary Dahl, the director of the Dorcas Society, threw a hymnal; the missile sailed high and wide and splashed down in the baptistery behind the choir.

When Ray's right hook finally took the pastor down, someone grabbed the spring flower arrangement from the altar and threw it high in the air in Ray's direction. Water sprinkled every in the first two rows on the right side, and a visiting Presbyterian experienced complete immersion when the vase shattered against the wall next to his seat. The fight ended when the police arrived on the scene, carrying the pastor, 4 deacons, the piano player and the Dorc ...

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