by Steve Wagers

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God Doesn't Want Your Isaac (2 of 10)
Series: Worship at Its Best
Genesis 22:1-14
Steve N. Wagers
June 29, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. Sincere Worship is Revealed!
A) A Complete Focus on God
B) A Confident Faith in God
2. Sacrificial Worship is Required!
A) We Must HEAR Him when He Speaks
1) Be Attentive
2) Be Responsive
B) We Must HAND Him what He Seeks
3. Supreme Worship is Rewarded!
A) A Better Day is Provided
B) A Bigger Day is Perceived

I recently read of a man named Count Von Zinzendorf who was a leading figure in the birth of the modern Moravian church. He had one of the greatest missionary hearts of any Christian who ever lived and he sent out spiritual pioneers to early America and around the world. He was quite a pious man, and his emphasis never veered away from his direct and personal knowledge of the person of Christ.

One day the Count visited a museum of fine art. He walked through the doors in early afternoon, and he was still there 5 hours later, but he hadn't taken in all of the paintings and exhibits. He had remained all that time in one spot, without ever moving to right or to the left. The curator began to be concerned. It was time to close the building, and this quiet man was rooted in that one spot as if he were one of the exhibits himself, except he was seated on the floor staring up a picture.

The curator followed his gaze and saw a fine canvas inspired by the Book of Revelation. The subject was the Holy Lamb of God. The Count had memorized every minute detail. The curator walked behind him, gently placed a hand on his shoulder and started to speak. But, suddenly he noticed tears rolling down the cheeks of Count Von Zinzendorf.

Underneath the painting was the inscription, "If He cared that much for you, what should be your concern for Him?" It was that question which would shape the rest of Count Von Zinzendorf's life, ministry and legacy. [1]

When we think of the sacrifice that Christ made f ...

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