by Steve Wagers

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Rain Is in the Forecast (1 of 10)
Series: Worship at Its Best
Steve N. Wagers
Hosea 10:12
June 22, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. A Tragedy to be Feared!
A) A Prevalent Tragedy
B) A Personal Tragedy
2. A Truth to be Followed!
A) Intently
B) Immediately
3. A Treasure to be Found!
A) A Personal Visitation
B) A Precious Revelation

Duncan Campbell was mightily used of God to bring revival to the Hebrides Islands. One day, he stopped by the house of a lady named Mary. Mary was a prayer warrior, and Campbell would often stop by everyday to have Mary pray for him, and see what God had revealed to her about him.

On one particular morning Mary said to him, "Duncan, God has a ministry for you in a village not far from here. Get on your bicycle and head off in that direction and you will encounter what it is that God has for you."

He got on his bicycle and began to ride. Yet, he thought to himself, "That is the strangest thing Mary has ever said to me. She wasn't precise about what she was saying, but she has to be right, because I know not another person more in touch with God than Mary."

As he was peddling along, he looked along the side of the road and saw a lady, with her back toward him, and her bicycle lying over to the side. Campbell thought, "Maybe this is what Mary was talking about. Maybe this is the ministry God has for me."

He touched the lady on the shoulder and asked her, "Ma'am, can I help you." About that time, she turned around with hot tears streaming down her face and said, "Sir, only God can help me!"

When I think about our denomination; when I think about the spiritual temperature of our churches; when I think about how I've heard so-called Christians talk about and treat each other; and, when I think about the few times that I hear about the moving of the Holy Ghost, I want to say with that woman, "Only God can help us!"

The book of Hosea is what James Montgomery Boice calls, "The second greatest story in the ...

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