by Daniel Rodgers

A Look at the Antichrist
Dan Rodgers
Daniel 11:36-45

INTRODUCTION: Just a few days ago, Barack Obama stood before the German people and spoke: ''Fellow citizens of the world...People of Berlin - people of the world - this is our moment. This is our time...with an eye toward the future, with resolve in our hearts, let us remember this history, and answer our destiny, and remake the world once again.''

In an article written for WorldNet Daily, Hal Lindsay, author of the best selling book, ''The Late Great Planet Earth, wrote, ''The Bible says that such a leader will soon make his appearance on the scene. It won't be Barack Obama, but Obama's world tour provided a foretaste of the reception he can expect to receive. Like Barack Obama, ''He will probably...stand in some European capital, addressing the people of the world and tell them that he is the one that they have been waiting for. And he can expect as wildly enthusiastic a greeting as Obama got in Berlin.

The Bible calls that leader the Antichrist. And it seems apparent that the world is now ready to make his acquaintance.''1

In the book of Daniel, we have a clear picture painted for us of the coming world leader, referred to in the Bible as the Antichrist. The Antichrist will be the most subtle and most charismatic leader this world has ever seen; however, he will eventually reveal himself to be the most ruthless and wicked man who has ever lived on planet earth; and that's because he will be indwelt by Satan, himself.

QUOTE: The 20th Century writer, August Hare, tells of the ''Two-Faced Man'' in Signorelli's painting:

''In the frescoes of Signorelli we have ''The Teaching of Antichrist''--no repulsive figure, but a grand personage in flowing robes, and with a noble countenance, which at a distance might easily be taken for the Savior. To him the crowd are eagerly gathering and listening, and it is only when you draw close that you can discover in his harder and cynical expression, and from ...

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