by Fred Lowery

The Pause That Refreshes
Dr. Fred Lowery
June 28, 2008

The pause that refreshes, that's what I'm going to talk about today. And that is prayer. What comes to your mind when prayer is mentioned? I hate to. I have to. I want to. I need to. I plan to. Most of you know that I get up at four o'clock on Sunday mornings and I've been doing that for probably twenty, twenty five years and this morning when the clock went off at four o'clock I thought to myself you know self since you are preaching on prayer why don't you just begin praying right now. And I did and I woke up at six thirty. Prayed myself right to sleep. Have you ever done that? Is your prayer life dull or is it dynamic. Is it boring or is it a blessing. Is it empty rhetoric or is it exciting reality. You know the master key to the heart and mind of God is prayer. Nothing is more important in the Christian life, our greatest; listen to me, our greatest and most pressing need is to talk continually with our heavenly father. There is no greater need in our lives. Brother Lawrence that great Christian of the past said prayer is the chapel of the heart. Richard Foster says prayer is the heart's true home. It's the home of the soul. And in the Bible there are three words that spell success in life. Three simple words that spell real success. You may be surprised at what they are. Pray without ceasing. Pray without ceasing. Not anything will bring greater success into your life than living out those three words. In the NIV the translation is just two words. Pray continually. Pray continually. Isn't that the most discouraging thing you've ever heard? How can you do that? We're just human beings, we're not perfect, we're far from that and here is an injunction that is impossible to obey. What is up with Paul? Why would he say pray continually? We can't live in a prayer meeting, we can't hang out at church twenty four seven. How can we pray without ceasing? Let me give you a clue. ...

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