by Roger Thomas

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It's a Wonder-Full Life (8 of 8)
Series: Seven Wonders
Roger Thomas
Psalm 73:12-14

Is it worth it? That's the ultimate question of life. This is the wonder of wonders! For several weeks, we have tackled some of life's biggest questions. The Seven Wonders of Life, we have called them. Does God exist? Why do I exist? Why do bad things happen? If a man dies, will he live again? Today, I am concluding the series by asking what often proves to be the most troublesome question of all. We have all asked it.

Is doing the right thing worth the effort? It would certainly be easier to go with the flow, cave in to the pressures, just do what everyone else is doing. So why try? Why battle temptation and peer pressure, deny yourself what others enjoy? Why wear yourself out trudging up the straight and narrow, while everybody else seems to sail through life with so little effort? Let's be honest. Sometimes doing the right thing just doesn't seem worth it!

That's the question a lot of poor inner city kids ask. They see pro athletes, rock stars, and drug dealers flaunting their riches. The average kid is left asking, "What's the point of studying hard, going to college, and getting a job when I could have all of this the easy way?" Average country kids see the same things. At school, church kids see what looks like all the fun others have giving in to what they struggle to resist. They ask, is it worth it?

Don't kid yourself! Parents ask the same question? Sometimes life looks like it would be a whole lot simpler if we just let our kids do what they want. Watching out for them, trying to teach them the difference between right and wrong, and disciplining them when they stray is hard work. Don't let anybody kid you! A lot of parents don't bother. Sometimes that alternative looks pretty appealing, doesn't it?

We have lots of reasons to wonder about this. People get ahead while we are stuck in the same ol' rut. We pay taxes. Others cut ...

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