by Roger Thomas

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We Are Never Alone (5 of 8)
Series: Seven Wonders
Roger Thomas
Psalm 25: 16-21; Psalm 23:1-6

Introduction: The other day I told Jeff that I planned to start today's sermon in a way that would demonstrate how "hip" I am. After he managed to quit laughing, he warned me that "hip" might not be the right word. I don't understand that. One hundred years ago when I was a teenager, "hip" was a perfectly good word. So I asked Jeff, "If you're so "with it" tell me what word I should use." He muttered something about "over the hill" and "if you have to ask, its too late!" So I said to him, "Whatever!"

Actually, he suggested "gnarly" but then confessed that whenever he says it the kids laugh at him. So I did a little research. I wanted to find just the right teen expression. How can I appear "hip," "with it," or "in" if I can't even say it right! My research turned up a whole list of possible words. A few I get. Most I don't.

Some sound fairly familiar. Like "the preacher is really cool." I've heard that one before!" Though I am told it might be better if I were "totally cool." There are other alternatives. "He really rocks" sort of has a ring to it. "Awesome" sounds OK. But I am not sure it would be totally appropriate to say, "Our preacher is really hot!" I could live with "he is totally sweet."

Some I don't fully understand. For example, what's with "He's really kickin'!" I don't get this one at all. "He's really da bomb." Or "the preacher is really butter." Or what's with "He's all that and a bag of chips?" Even though it's spelled with a "PH" I know I draw the line at "Wow, he is really Phat!" Sweet, butter, bag of chips, phat--I think see a pattern!

"Hip" or not, I want to call your attention to the lyrics of a song at the top of the Christian rock music charts right now. The Barlow Girl single "Never Alone" had been the number one recording in its category since early June. It has been at the top of the charts lo ...

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