by Roger Thomas

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Where Is God? (2 of 8)
Series: Seven Wonders
Roger Thomas
Psalm 139

Introduction: "Where is God?" That's not a question of curiosity. It is not God's zip code we are interested in. "Where is God?" More often than not, this is a question of desperation. We want to know where God was when we needed him.

I'll bet people in Florida and Alabama are asking where God was when the hurricane blew through their homes. Lots of people asked where God was on 9-11. Russian parents cried out for God when their children were brutalized by terrorists a few weeks ago. You have asked the same question. Where was he when our loved one died before we were ready to let them go? Where was God when we lost our job? When it felt like our world was falling in around us? Where is God is one of the great wonders of life!

Our text records the prayer of man who found his answer to that question. I am sure David the king of ancient Israel asked that question many times. We know his heroic exploits. He killed the giant warrior Goliath with a sling. He fought bears and lions as a young shepherd. He would lead armies into battle and a nation into prominence. But it wasn't all sunlight and glory for David. His king tried to kill him. His wife mocked him. His own son turned against him in rebellion and treason. Where was God? I'll bet David asked that many times.

In Psalm 139, David answers that question. Some have called this "the crown of all psalms." The words of this passage have calmed more doubts and fears than any other in the Old Testament with the possible exception of the 23rd Psalm. In twenty-four picture-packed verses, the psalm answers the cry of the heart--where is God? In a sense the answer of the Psalm is two-fold: God is there! And God is here!

Where is God? The first and perhaps most important answer is not stated. It is assumed. He is there! This Psalm like the rest of the Bible never argues for the existence of God. It presumes it ...

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