by Roger Thomas

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Good Leaders Make Good Churches (2 of 6)
Series: Acts--The Church in Action
Roger Thomas
Acts 6:1-7

Introduction: Good leaders make good churches. This church is an example of that. For 125 years this church has lived, worshipped, and served this community. It has had a significant impact for several generations. That kind of thing doesn't happen by accident. At every step of the journey good men and women have paved the way. Good leaders make good churches!

You can name many of the leaders who have impressed you through the years. Others you have only heard about. I wonder who will be leaders of the next generation. I wonder what leaders of today the next generation will still be talking about. I am proud to say this church still has good leaders. Because of that our future is bright. I believe the best days of this congregation are still ahead. Good leaders will guarantee that!

Our text provides an excellent case study of leadership in the New Testament church. It reveals lessons good leaders and good churches must never forget.

Lesson Number One: Good leaders get involved. Here's a startling revelation for you. Church life can get messy. Some of us like to imagine a perfect church where "seldom is heard a discouraging word" and the deer and the antelope play. That may describe a "home on the range" but it doesn't describe any church I know. It doesn't describe the New Testament church either. As long as any church is composed of humans and not angels, even good congregations will have problems!

No sooner had this first church got going than a squabble broke out between the Greek speaking and the Hebrew-speaking members. The issue is not important for us tonight. But what the leaders did about it is. They didn't ignore it. That's exactly what a lot of church leaders might have done. They hope the problem will go away by itself. A lot of leaders just don't want to get involved.

That's the easy way out. But it's n ...

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