by Roger Thomas

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What Your Baptism Says (4 of 8)
Series: Galatians--Free to Serve
Roger Thomas
Galatians 3:26-29

Introduction: I can remember my baptism like it was yesterday. I can't remember everything about it. But I can remember a lot. I remember the preacher sitting in our living room, opening his Bible on our footstool, and explaining to me the message of Jesus. I remember the old church building, long since torn down. I remember walking down the aisle and confessing my faith in Jesus. I can still see the changing room just to the left of the baptistery. The baptistery was in the floor of the platform just behind the pulpit. I can especially recall the joy on the faces of my friends and family afterwards.

I can remember my baptism. I hope you can remember yours. Your baptism and the memories you have about it are important. Your baptism says something. It said something on the day that it took place. It still says something important across the years. You deserve to remember your baptism. You deserve to remember what it says.

This is one of the reasons (not the only one by any means, but an important one!) that I am glad we don't practice infant baptism in this congregation. When individuals are baptized as babies, their parents and grandparents may remember the experience, but they can't. The same can be said of very small children. A child may often ask if he can be baptized long before they understand what it's about. Obviously there is a fine line between the simple faith of a child who sincerely wants to accept Jesus and do what he wants and a youngster who mimics what a friend or big brother did. Parents and preachers must try to discern the difference with wisdom and tenderness. That's not always easy. But I know this. I don't want any young person to be robbed of the memory of baptism. That memory can continue to speak for the rest of their lives.

Our text recalls the memory of baptism--"for all of you who were baptized i ...

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