by Roger Thomas

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Acting Like A Believer (3 of 8)
Series: Galatians--Free to Serve
Roger Thomas
Galatians 2:11-21

Introduction: Peer pressure can be hard to live with! Ask any teenager. Ask Jamie.

Jamie was a good kid. He never got into trouble. He was a good student. He went to church and Sunday School every week. He was a leader in the youth group. But Jamie also wanted to be a basketball player. He was determined to make the team despite the fact that everyone said he was too short.

When he went out for basketball his freshman year, the older guys gave him a pretty hard time. They called him "shrimp," "shortie," and lot of other names we can't repeat here. But he didn't give up. Jamie worked and worked. He out hustled everyone. Eventually, he hoped he might be one of the guys. He kept working at it. He hung out with the "jocks" whenever he could. If they went for a coke after practice, he followed along. None of them ever invited him to one of their parities, but he kept hoping. He really wanted to fit in.

One thing did bother him about the "jocks." He wasn't the only one they picked on. They were especially merciless to some of what they called the "nerds" at school. The nerds were the smart guys who were into computers and math and science classes. Most of them were pretty pathetic when it came to sports. So some of the jocks, especially the ones who weren't doing too well in their classes, would make life pretty miserable for the nerds. A couple of the basketball players even tried to pick a fight with Roscoe Obrien, the president of the Chess Club, one of the chief nerds, before school. It got pretty ugly before a teacher broke it up just in time. Roscoe's glasses got broke in the scuffle. Jamie didn't see it happen. But he heard the blow by blow description before basketball practice. All the jocks thought it was pretty funny. Jamie wasn't so sure.

The longer than normal pre-season basketball practices had kept Jamie fr ...

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